Indiana Men's Soccer Beat Reporting, 2021 Season | Video Feature Packages

Roman Celentano and Christian Lomeli speak about the goal-keepers meteoric rise heading into his Junior year at Indiana.

Tommy Mihalic and Sam Sarver detail their relationship and their path to becoming starters at Indiana University.

Todd Yeagley and Brian Maisonneuve remark on their history together as they prepare to face off in a Big Ten showdown.

Daniel Munie and Joey Maher recount their relationship and growth as a center-back pairing for Indiana.

Indiana Men's Basketball Reporting, 2021-2022 Season | Video Packages

Video package on Miller Kopp's elevated role with Indiana men's basketball.

Post-game recap after the debut game under Mike Woodson.

Post-game highlight read after Indiana's win over Louisiana.

Post-game recap with a creative standup after Indiana beat Purdue.

During the 2021 and 2022 seasons, I produced and hosted a podcast discussing Indiana men's soccer. Here is a Spotify link to the podcast, all episodes can be viewed there!

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